Benefits of CAFCC Membership

CAFCC meets with Affiliate Representatives where information is exchanged and discussed regarding child care issues throughout the state. Affiliate Representatives are sent Board Packets containing the minutes of CAFCC Board Meetings encouraging them to disseminate the information to their memberships. By doing so, Affiliates’ members can stay abreast of business and issues addressed, discussed, and/or acted upon at CAFCC Board Meetings.

CAFCC strives to provide information to membership on Educational opportunities offered throughout the state that foster quality child care. This includes child care conferences and trainings offered by CAFCC Affiliate Associations, NAFCC, and other entities that offer quality child care trainings.

CAFCC offers and maintains a website for which all visitors can access valuable information ranging from where to access state and local resources to scholarships offered to CAFCC members. For more information see “Professional Development” on this website.

CAFCC offers an informative, entertaining, and resourceful newsletter, The Rocking Horse. Each issue updates members on licensing changes, training opportunities, health & safety concerns, and many more early care and learning related topics.

CAFCC members receive a NAFCC Membership Discount of $5.00 over regular rates when paid through CAFCC.

CAFCC offers scholarship funding made available through the Education Foundation to eligible providers to pursue training, attending child care conferences, or obtain NAFCC Accreditation. Go to the “Professional Development” page on this website for more information on these scholarships and to download scholarship forms.

CAFCC offers Professional Continuing Educational Trainings.

Liability and accident insurance offering extensive coverage is available to CAFCC members at discounted rates. Visit or call 1-800-624-0912. Rates and application forms are available on their website.

CAFCC Membership
Includes: One (1) year CAFCC Membership

*Payment processing fee of $1.50 added at checkout.
$40 yearly
CAFCC Membership
with NAFCC Membership
Includes: One (1) year CAFCC Membership
                  One (1) year NAFCC Membership
*Payment processing fee of $2.70 added at checkout.
$80 yearly
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