This is the official website of the Colorado Association of Family Child Care, a non-profit organization dedicated to the support and education of licensed family child care providers in the state of Colorado.


This site was developed to assist parents in finding a quality child care environment for their child, to aid child care providers with the means of improving the quality of their business (through education, business aides, and field updates), and to offer employers a resource to share with their employees.

Local Affiliates may submit updates to this site by printing and completing the Website Information Form and mailing it to the address indicated on the form. Please state which page the information needs to be updated on, and include all important information, especially for meetings and conferences. Please allow two weeks for the information to be posted. Thank You!

The Colorado Association of Family Child Care is organized for the promotion of social welfare, including for such purposes: The promotion of community welfare & education of family child care providers & other persons concerning all aspects of child care services. The promotion of high standards & the furthering awareness of family child care providers as a positive professional group. The promotion of communication among child care providers, officials, organizations, child care consumers, government agencies & all others which will enhance the general society's understanding of family child care, to the end that family child care providers & society as a whole will be benefited thereby.
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